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The story of Powerful Organics starts at a crossroads where Ms. Powell’s passion and expertise meet. Other than being a certified horticulturist, she also has insider knowledge of the skincare industry gained as a result of years of career experience. This not only allowed her to understand unique skincare needs but also know exactly what plants and organic materials would best fulfill them.

Billionaire Glow Body Gold
Billionaire Glow Body Gold
Billionaire Glow Body Gold
Billionaire Glow Body Gold

Billionaire Glow Body Gold

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This summer give long lasting glowing Powerful skin with our “Billionaire Glow” Body Gold. Your skin will out shine the sun with this hydrating, moisturizing powerful serum. Go ahead and take a dive in the pool or a swim in the ocean, this moisturizing barrier is 10X stronger on wet skin. It’s going to be giving Billionaire beach vibes, so you should definitely catch this wave. Here are some beneficial facts about our product.
  • Super Powerful Glowing Skin
  • Billionaire Beach Vibes
  • Last up to 3+months
  • Moisturizing Barrier a Billion times Stronger.
  • Nourish with the Noni Fruit Extracts.
  • Radiant Booster for glowing Skin.
  • Hold moisture in 10x more on wet skin.
  • 120 ML


Power No.9 I love it when she got it on


My kids love slime, so the kids friendly body butter makes it easy for them to keep their skin moisturize because of the fun colors.I like it because of all the organic natural ingredients to keep their skin glowing and powerful


Such an amazing combination of organic products, I am blown away by the results


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